Dunkin Donuts to the Uk Essay

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1. Introduction
Dunkin Donuts
In 1950, the founder Bill Rosenberg established Dunkin Donuts in Boston, supplied delicious donuts and coffee (1) (Black, 2009). Dunkin Donuts rapidly become one of the nation’s top 10 brand franchise chains between fifty years according to the fast and friendly service, supplying high quality coffee and baked dessert food(1) (Black, 2009). So far, more than 34 countries worldwide have over 7900 Dunkin Donuts stores, it has become the world’s largest “coffee and donuts” chain store in 2007(1) (Black, 2009). And plan to expand to 15000 stores until 2015(1) (Black, 2009).
From Asia to Latin America and everywhere in between, you can count on Dunkin' Donuts for delicious coffee and espresso, cool Coolatta, …show more content…

In the UK, everyone enjoys freedom of religion, but the vast majority of Britons embrace Christianity, it accounts about 71.6%. and the other religious beliefs like Muslim 2.7%, Hindu 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified or none 23.1%(5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). About 99% of total population has the basic literacy; it means age 15 and over has completed five or more years of school education (5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The school life expectancy of the UK’s population is 16 years averagely (male: 16 years; Female: 17 years) (5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The life expectancy at birth of the UK’s total population is 80.05 years (male: 77.95 years; female: 82.25 years) (5) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011).
2.3 Politics
The form of government is constitutional monarchy (6) (McAnulla, 2006). King is the head of state, the Supreme Judicial Executive, commander of the armed forces and the Church of England's "the Supreme Leader", the formal power to appoint the Prime Minister, the Ministers, senior judges, military officers, the territorial governor, diplomat, the senior clergy of bishop and St. Association and so on, and also to convene, to stop and dissolve parliament, approved the law, power to declare war to make peace, etc., but the real power in the cabinet(6) (McAnulla, 2006). Parliament is the British political center stage, is

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