E Business For Better Books

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The following report will investigate E-business for Better Books Mackay. This report will explain what an E-business is along with the advantages and disadvantages, how to establish the business, the costs involved, the risks and security controls that need to be put in place, as well as the transaction cycle.
What is an E-business?
For Better Books of Mackay to have a better understanding of what an E-Business is, a definition has been provided below. An E-business is a business which is conducted over the internet including the sale and purchase of goods. An E-business also provides customer support as well as services and information to allow businesses to communicate with customers as to what they want from the business. It also includes managing internal processes as well as the external processes such as marketing and the supply of goods and services. Although the way the business and its relationships are managed hasn’t changed from the traditional style of a brick and mortar business, E-businesses are commonly being known as B2C or B2B. The way in which E-business is defined is very broad. There are many facets which E-Business has including Information and Communication Technologies, Electronic Transactions, Customer Support, and Collaboration with Business Partners.
Advantages & Disadvantages to E-business
For Best Books of Mackay to set up an E-business there are both Advantages and Disadvantages that are involved in setting up and maintaining of the
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