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E-Business Paper
Danelle Martin
University of Phoenix

E-Business Paper
When any organization makes the decision to enter into the world of electronic business, or e-business, they face a whole new set of challenges and a whole new set of regulations that must be adhered to. Smith Systems Consulting was no exception.
Smith Systems Consulting
Smith Systems Consulting began in the late Seventies in Houston, Texas, when founder, Bill Smith, was still a partner with a large public accounting firm. Mr. Smith was able to obtain an advanced degree in computer science in addition to an undergraduate degree in accounting as well as his CPA certification (Apollo Group, Inc., 2003/2004) and often used …show more content…

When Smith Systems Consulting launched their e-business, they also launched a legal obligation to take adequate steps to protect their client's data and financial information. This includes protecting the data again hackers by developing and maintaining.
Thankfully, there are a number of ways to do this, including: encrypting data, securing websites, securing IT systems and wireless networks, and providing adequate training to all employees regarding the safe transmission, handling, and disposal of information (Steve Pain, 2007). The improper disposal of information and the breach of confidentiality have been in the news on a regular basis. This has ranged from employees improperly throwing out customer files, to laptops being stolen, to hard-drives not being properly "wiped" or erased. More often than not, it is reported that these items contained customer social security numbers and financial records.
According to the British Security Industry Association, "companies should be learning lessons about the importance of protecting confidential information." (Steve Pain, 2007, para. 7). In fact, compliance with the Data Protection Act is imperative and non-compliance could result in prosecution by the Office of Information Commissioner. The best way to ensure that data is being disposed of securely and responsibly and that confidential information is being eradicated is to follow the guidelines

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