E Services : Information And Communication Technologies

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E-services stands for electronic services. This service represents the information and communication technologies in different-different areas.
E-services basically has three main components:
(i)Service provider
(ii)Service Receiver
(iii)Channel of service delivery/Technology.
So, we can define E-services as the services delivered by some service providers through specific channel known as technologies. These technologies or channels may categorized into 2 main categories:-
• Internet
• Classic channels(telephone, call centre, mobile phone, TV)
For e.g.:- Any agency can be a service provider, and the public or the businesses who are using that services are service receivers and the channel of service delivery is the technology used to deliver that particular service. It may be an internet or classic channels.
a) Give example e-services used by the following groups: consumers, students, the elderly.?
(a)Examples of E-services used by the following groups:-
• Consumers
i)Digital Products:-Digital Products are supplied, generally softwares. Softwares can be changed or upgraded. ii)E-business:-E-business basically used in promoting individuals business with the help of same electronic network such as website or webpage. iii)E-shopping:-E-shopping basically used via E-commercial website. These websites are open 24 hours. This is basically known as outline market. iv)E-books:-We can access the content of books digitally by accessing or downloading

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