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EMPLOYMENT VS EDUCATION: WORKING STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION AND PRIORITIZATION OF BSOA WORKING STUDENTS Belmonte, Darwin Calingasan, Chesca Calumpiano, Deo Macabenta, Angeline Omlas, Dorris Anne Sanoy, Cierissa Joy Talaro, Cristine RESEARCHERS SY: 2014-2015 Chapter I The Problem and Its Background INTRODUCTION Students are working hard, a new study finds, taking on part-time and even sometimes full-time jobs to avoid racking up more debt while in school. They have different perception and prioritization when it comes to Education and also to Employment. More likely, it deals to a diverse of activities in school and workplace. The perception that set in his/her mind is highly centralized and the prioritization given …show more content…

(In terms of Maslow 's model, relatedness correspondence to social needs) Growth needs are desires for continued psychological growth and development. (In terms of Maslow 's model, growth needs include esteem and self‐realization needs) This approach proposes that unsatisfied needs motivate behavior, and that as lower level needs are satisfied, they become less important. Higher level needs, though, become more important as they are satisfied, and if these needs are not met, a person may move down the hierarchy, which Alderfer calls the frustration‐regression principle. What he means by this term is that an already satisfied lower level need can become reactivated and influence behavior when a higher level need cannot be satisfied. As a result, managers should provide opportunities for workers to capitalize on the importance of higher level needs. c. McClelland 's acquired needs theory David McClelland 's acquired needs theory recognizes that everyone prioritizes needs differently. This model was developed in the 1960s soon after Maslow 's hierarchy of needs in the 1940s. He also believes that individuals are not born with these needs, but that they are actually learned through life experiences. McClelland identifies three specific needs: Need for achievement is the drive to excel. Need for power is the desire to cause others to

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