Education And The Childcare Act

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Since the government brought Every Child Matters and the Childcare Act 2006, every child between 3 and 4 years old is entitled to have 15 hours of free early yearsâ€TM education, over 38 weeks in the year. The entitlement is funded by government via local authorities. The idea behind this is to make sure all children have equal opportunities to education regardless of their social status. Also their parents donâ€TMt have to pay for that 15 hours a week. Children will be learning through play. For example, children will be learning to count to 10 through nursery rhyme and role play or they will be learning the names of the colours through painting. Although there is some literacy targets included within Early Years Foundation Stage, it is …show more content…

The state schools all follow National Curriculum and are inspected by OFSTED. The differences between the state schools are in the way they are managed. Although they get government money to some extent, how they spending it, it depends on what type of school they are. For instance, most voluntary-aided schools are faith schools and the governing body of faith school is linked to a particular faith or religion. The building or land of the school might be owned by religious charity or church. They may also have assemblies in school to promote that particular faith or religious. There are some types of schools that are not funded by local authorises. These are known as †̃independent schoolsâ€TM and †̃academiesâ€TM. Below is the list of different type of schools in UK: Foundation schools These types of schools have governing body and their admission policy is agreed with local authority. Their building or land usually owned by governing bode or charitable foundation. Support services are budgeted for and brought in. Trust schools They are similar to Foundation schools, but they are different slightly that form a charitable Trust with an outside partner, like a charity or college. Instead of having their own charitable Trust, they get help from outsider. Like Foundation schools, support services are brought in school. Community schools This type of schools are run and owned by local education authority and the support services are provided by local authority.

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