Education, Discourse, And Discourse

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Education and Discourse For webcam performers, the educational opportunities of discourse are wildly more extensive. Audience members can ask expert performers questions on the procedure of certain sexual acts, how to approach taboo sexual desires, to explore open-minded behavior and sexual liberation, and even on how to handle emotions surrounding sex and relationships. The performers can then equally respond with answers they see that best fit and help their audience members to become better educated. Returning to the idea of webcam performances as consensual venues, performers can also demonstrate for audiences what actually pleasurable sex and sexual behavior looks like versus traditional porn where sex acts are exaggerated and…show more content…
Pornography is the perfect propaganda piece for patriarchy. In nothing else is their hatred of us quite as clear." This contrast starkly wherein the webcam industry audience members approaching their own relationships can look to healthy webcam couple relationships for positive influences on their sexual relationships. A Conversation Transcript from Chaturbate “Anonymous User: How did you guys get comfortable with this stuff online? Sexualstrangers: Actually, it took awhile. We started with nonsexual stuff. Anonymous User: Nonsexual stuff? Sexualstrangers: Chatting, dancing. We just agreed we wanted to try it out together. Use a lush and you will start feeling very comfortable.” The Community The biggest benefit the interactivity of the webcam industry has over traditional pornography is the environment of the community. Although both have outliers of indecent, disrespectful viewers, webcam viewers very prominently care about the exhibitionists they are voyeuristically forming a relationship with. Some fans of traditional celebrities also demonstrate care occasionally, but without the platform of a live community their engagement is met with little to no encouragement. “I spend between two and three hours a day in my chat room. My viewers aren’t nameless and faceless to me, if they don’t want to be. We have a community. I know who they are, and they know that I know.” - Amanda Something Additionally, in webcam rooms, audience members
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