Education Plays A Big Role In Society. It Is A Factor That

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Education plays a big role in society. It is a factor that determines the future of many people. Education is a worldwide phenomenon that is widely different across the globe. The goal One Nation, is to have a combination of the world into one school system. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our benefactor Mr. Larry Ellison for making all of this possible. Thanks to him, the world shall be united. One Nation is a private system of institutions all over the world. With twelve institutions around the globe, approximately 2 campuses for each habitable continent, our schools are the most diverse in the world. Students of One Nation are allowed to study in any country that they decide to. One Nation has their own fleet of boats …show more content…

The curriculum of our school varies for each student. Thanks to our global reach, student are taught the basics language, math and history on the first year. On the rest of their school time, student are able to explore around all types of classes. One Nation offers both technical and arts degrees. Meaning that student could go into and engineering program while also obtaining and electrician certificate. This will apply with a variety of major. Student could major in economics and obtain a tax agent certificate. This would enhance the student 's ability while also promoting better work people for the future workforce. Furthermore, we would strive to be as eco friendly as possible. The school 's electricity will be provided thanks to solar panels, wind turbines and hydraulic turbines. The islands are relatively small, only about 3,000 people would live in them, allowing this to be possible. Student would be taught how to grow their own food, wash their cloth on canals made to run through the island, and given courses to learn to survive in the wild as well. Students will be encourage to continue being eco friendly after graduation. By doing this our school not only makes a difference in our future society, but we also embetter the world for generations to come. Our personnel will be just like

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