Education Values Are The Cornerstone Of The Student Learning Process

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According to Garfolo and Huillier (2015), “Education values are the cornerstone of the student learning process and as such these values need to be clearly articulated to ensure that an inclusive and transparent process of learning assessment can take place” (p. 152). Institutional accreditation encompasses the whole institution whereas; specialized accreditation includes 50 fields of specialization. There are six regional agencies located in United States responsible for accrediting institutions, and ensuing programs are properly constructed to meet their standards. Assessment is defined as a methodology that links direct strategies to improve student learning based on organized data that analyzes and utilizes the information collected.…show more content…
Even though both assessments differ in the way they gather data, they both measure similar goals for student learning outcomes (Garfolo & Huillier, 2015).
As with any occupation, professionals are expected to be knowledgeable in their field of expertise. It is no different for student affairs professionals because they are expected to be knowledgeable about the student experience. Over the years, the role of student affairs professionals has shifted its focus from administration to education. As a more diverse student body attends college, the concepts of student development and student learning continue to be their primary goals. Today, the core purpose of student affairs is to understand how students develop intellectually, psychosocially, and emotionally by inspiring core values such as caring, helping, equality, and social justice into the student’s environments where they can learn and be successful college scholars (Long, 2012).
Student affairs are grouped into four groups: counseling-oriented, leadership development and educational positions, administrative positions, and academic affairs positions. Stress can be a major factor for today’s student, and they can suffer from emotional and social pressures, anxiety, depression, binge drinking, drug abuse, and suicide attempts while learning how to manage their academic careers. With this in mind, one-third of student affairs programs are identified as counseling-based. Universities understand how relationships
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