Educational Psychology and Resource Teacher

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MY TOOL Principles of Learning | Teaching Behaviour of the Teacher/ Learning Behaviour of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning | * Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner. | * Teacher lets the learners do the learning activity. e.g.- Pupil writes letter A instead of Teacher writing for them. | * Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas. | * Teacher lets the pupil say the meaning of the word instead of teacher saying the meaning for them. e.g.- the meaning of condensation. | * Learning is a consequence of experience. | * The teacher will ask the student to give their own
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| * Share lesson objective with students. | * | * Lesson objectives must be in the 2 or 3 domains- cognitive, skill and affective or cognitive and affective or skill and affective.Guiding Principles In Determining and Formulating Learning Objectives | * The Resource Teacher made lesson objectives in two domains. | * Work on significant and relevant lesson objectives. | * | * Lesson objectives must lead to the development of critical and creative thinking. | * The Resource Teacher gave a problem to solve using the lesson that they have learned. |

* After observing your Resources Teacher teach, write down what you think was/ were her lesson objective.

- After observing, I write down what I think is my Resource Teacher's lesson objectives and that is “how to solve a word problem connecting time".

* Ask permission from your Resource Teacher for you to copy her lesson objective for the day’s lesson. Copy it here then compare it with your answer in # 2. Are they the same? Different?

- "Solving problems involving time". We are different in how we construct are objective, but we have the same taught for our objectives.


* If answer in #3 above is different, what is conclusion regarding written lesson objective and actual lesson development? Are lesson objectives in the lesson plan always followed? Do they really serve as guiding star? - Sometimes lesson
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