Effective Employees And Happy Customers Are The Lifeblood

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Effective employees and happy customers are the lifeblood of a successful business. This is why it is important to create a training plan that creates both effective employees and satisfied customers (Ganapathy, 2017). Currently, Motors and More has no formal training program and offers promotions based on seniority. Because Motor’s and More, Inc is a small privately owned organization, it is a good idea for us to take a decentralizing approach to assessing and training our employees. A decentralizing approach will allow individual trainers to take control of the training and the approaches they’d like to take (The Advantages, 2017). While this approach has both strengths and weaknesses it is the best way to allow managers to make the …show more content…

Current-employee training
Motor’s and More Inc. is quite dependent on their current employees. They depend on these employees to fill voids in upper management. However, with all the new changes that the company is going through a refresher course on the mission of the company as well as policies would be vital. The company can provide this training via WebEx training or online courses. These courses will be immediately followed by a quiz or test and each employee will have to achieve a minimum score of 80% before that course is said to be mastered. All of these courses would be required and should be administered and revised every quarter. If more time passes between these courses, the probability of something falling through the cracks increases.
Another type of training that can be offered to current employees is career path training. This would be training where employees can further their knowledge by taking classes on the company website in addition to those required. If a position opens up an employee must take certain classes to prove that they are knowledgeable about what that position entails, however, the company can have classes available for anyone to take just in case they want to move up within the company someday.
Manager and Supervisory Training
A strong lower-level and upper-level relationship is needed for Motors and More Inc, asking questions and listening will foster open dialogue and a better understanding of

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