Effective Leadership Skills Showed By Steve Jobs

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Executive Summary

This report will be focused on the effective leadership skills showed by Steve Jobs over a supported timeframe and the turnaround that Apple had experienced under his vision and orders. Steve Jobs played a very important role in leadership that led Apple from a company, which was founded in a car-garage to a great Macintosh Pcs, iPod, iPhone and iPad. The report will additionally break down and look at the key administrative and initiative abilities that Steve Jobs aced that prompted to the grand development of Apple as an association.

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Leadership Analysis
i. Brief History on the Leader ii. Leadership Style iii. Motivate Maneuver iv. Candid Evaluation
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His strong beliefs, vision and knowledge motivate us. Steve Jobs was not an ordinary leader because of his own administration style, which we may not be able to find in any management schoolbooks.
Motivate Maneuver
Steve always believed and demanded for excellence as his formula of life was simple i.e. keep yourself on toes until you strike moon. He believed more in result oriented approach, which inspire us to learn more with every action and encourage others by teaching them with your example at the same time.
Candid Evaluation
Steve Jobs was known for his candid evaluation. Jobs always wanted to keep the communication channel to be as simple as it has to be, so that his co-workers should not feel hesitant about giving any feedback. Most leaders don’t value straight forward communication and softens the bad news so things appear better than they really are, however, Jobs always wanted to have a genuine opinion about his products and believed that people who are developing/supporting the products/services are the best judge to address performance issues, speak up in meetings, or confront any other problems before it goes out into the market/end-user. His this great leadership quality, healthy work culture and committed execution led Apple Inc. from a small company started in Garage to a Multinational company.
Responsible: End-to-End
Steve Jobs always wanted to keep the things simple by putting hardware and software synchronizing smoothly and glitches to be

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