Effective Manager And An Effective Leader

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Introduction There has been much debate over the difference between an effective manager and an effective leader. There is strong evidence that there are definitely distinguishable characteristics between the two. However, they both involve the process of influencing a group of individuals toward a common goal. Some argue that leaders take an organization into the future while managers are more concerned with the day-to-day process of getting the job done. The one thing all researchers seem to agree on is that a successful organization cannot have one without the other and all organizations, public and private, need strong leaders to survive and stay competitive. There is also common agreement that effective leaders possess the following characteristics: a vision, strategies to sell and achieve the vision, inspiration to motivate and inspire others toward the vision, innovation, passion, and focuses on the people. Additionally, with limited autonomy, public managers must skillfully navigate through the challenges and opportunities presented by their internal and external environments. In other words, they must be responsive in the exercise and use of their managerial craft. Conversely, a culture of weak leadership can result in damage to the organization’s credibility and reputation, and negative staff morale. Managerial Craft In their efforts to motivate and inspire others toward the organization’s vision, complete complex tasks, navigate various projects and

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