Effective Teaching And Classroom Management

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Effective teaching and classroom management is essential for the development of student’s education (Marsh, 2004). Teaching is rewarding, yet challenging, and can be a difficult career choice to make as it requires countless skills, attributes and understandings (Groundswater-Smith, 2007). Teachers are responsible for accommodating to the varied strengths and weaknesses of each student and aiding them in reaching their full potential in a learning environment. Therefore, recognising factors that can assist in classroom behaviours and effective teaching are important. Killen (2007, p.) states ‘there is no single teaching strategy that is effective for all educators’ and this is partially due to the diversity of educators and students. …show more content…

Withitness is the first principle in Kounins teacher management skills and is defined as the teachers’ ability to appear as though they are aware of all activities in the classroom (Barry & King, 1998) and being able to communicate with the students effectively during tasks at all times. Managing thirty or more students in a class can be difficult, therefore, having the ability to appropriately act upon an arising situation without disrupting the class is vital (Marsh, 2004). Misbehaviour in a class is inevitable, however, addressing a student in a correct manner can allow for other students to be unaware of off-task situations. For example, if a teacher can sense a student is drifting off subject it is important to obtain eye contact with the distracted student or ask questions referring to the learning objective. This can allow for a classroom to run smoothly and create a positive learning environment for all students. Additionally, learning the names of all students in a class can allow for a teacher to address students and create a strong relationship. This allows teachers to communicate in a manner which students will respond to positively and students understand what is expected of them. The ability to apply withitness in a classroom requires a teacher to multitask which is reflected in Kounins overlappingness principle.
The second principle of Kounin is overlappingness which Barry and King (1998) defined as the ‘ability to do two

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