Effects of Macroeconomics

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Effects of Macroeconomics Abstract The following pages focus on analyzing the effects of macroeconomics between countries with the use of economic theory, microeconomic and macroeconomic fundamentals, and other theories that can be used in this case. The Introduction presents some of the points of view used in addressing this paper. The following sections focus on describing the macroeconomics effects of fiscal and monetary policies, stock markets, oil prices, but also other important effects determined by these phenomena. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper. Introduction The economies of countries are affected by environmental factors, but also by the economies of other countries. The process of globalization has increased the influence that countries' economies have on one another. Therefore, it is important to understand how macroeconomics is influenced by globalization, and how this process influences national economies. This is intended to help countries reduce these effects and increase control on their economies. Effects of Macroeconomics Between Countries There are several effects that can be discussed when analyzing macroeconomic relationships between countries. The most important effects can be observed regarding the situation of currencies, monetary exchange, monetary policies, trade relationships, imports and exports, and these countries' economies. It is necessary to understand how countries are
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