Eileen Fisher Case Study Essay

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While reading through Eileen Fisher, Repositioning the Brand, it became apparent early on that the company’s main issue was relevancy—an issue that many companies face in today’s market. Keeping the company current in order to attract new customers while not abandoning already loyal customers in the process is a huge challenge that EILEEN FISHER struggled with. For purposes of differentiating between the company and the person, “EILEEN FISHER” shall refer to the company for the duration of this analysis summary.
As a company that Fisher started from scratch, she seemed to gear the company toward making clothes that she herself liked to wear, which is a perfectly fine business model, but only to a certain extent. As she aged, so did …show more content…

After IDEO’s strategies were finalized, they were implemented during the 2009 fall season via the STITCH project. Together, both companies decided that a holistic approach would be the best way to revitalize the company, updating the company’s advertising aesthetic, changing in-store visuals and merchandising, overhauling the website, and embracing video as a communication medium in the process—all of which helped to attract a generally younger consumer.
While Fisher herself saw the rebranding as a huge success as in-store and online sales both saw large increases after the change was implemented, the company itself saw a decent amount of backlash from its already loyal clientele. Regular customers felt insulted at the apparent short-sightedness of the company’s rebranding, stating that by creating an edgier product for a younger consumer, they were implying that the older consumer has no edge, thereby alienating them in the process. Without an already well-established social media presence, the company had no real way of responding to the criticisms.
Despite the negativity surrounding the brand repositioning, EILEEN FISHER continued to embrace the change, narrowing down its potential customer base to three categories: the established woman, the emerging woman, and the nascent woman.
The emerging woman seemed the most attractive consumer base to target,

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