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Sabya Poudel Prof. Sherry Sharifian GOVT 2306-71426 November 18, 2017 The Campaign The amount that a candidate spends per vote to run for office in Texas is determined by the cash that the candidate uses, the number of vote that the candidate obtains, and the sum of money that the nominee raises to fund the campaigns. According to the analysis by the Texas Tribune, no amount of money can guarantee an election victory. One of the challenged offices in this state is Texas house of representative. From the analysis of the Texas House of Representative race in 2016 general elections, it can be seen that Jhon Kuemel with vote 53,852 votes after spending $128,085.28 translating to $2.38 per vote is the winner as compared to Wayne …show more content…

This is because my government will be upholding for the amendment of the gun owners law owing to the recent increase in the crimes. According to CNN news, “In Texas, you do not need a permit to buy a handgun or a long gun. You also are not required to register firearms with the state, and you are not required to be licensed as an owner.” My administration will be working jointly to change and implement new regulations governing the controlling of guns and life sentencing of criminals. My government will also command death penalties to all the criminals convicted of rape, infiltration, murder, and treason.
My campaign slogan will be ‘Securing our Future.’ This is in line with my promises of a better tomorrow for all my citizens. This slogan gives a sense of hope and change which will be experienced under my regulation. My administration will work effortlessly to make that the problems experience by citizens are alleviated. The campaign sign will be as shown below: -
I will partner with Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle newspaper to spread my campaign promises to around my area and also in entire state. Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning Newspaper are a large and famous newspaper whose articles and publications are readily available all over Texas. Therefore, partnering with them will boost sharing of my campaign strategies. Likewise, I will seek the endorsement of Linda Harper Brown who

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