Emotional, Emotional And Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence Explained
Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to assess, identify and influence the emotions of your own and everyone around you. For an example, a employee could be having difficulty understanding the task at hand instead the manager goes to the employee and identifies the misunderstanding and instead of letting the situation make everyone stress the manager instead reiterated what needs to be done in a simpler way so everyone is clearly aware and understands what to do. Another example of Emotional Intelligence is when two people do not see eye to eye on a subject instead of screaming at one another and storming off they instead speak without screaming and address the main concerns without arguing. The whole …show more content…

This helps cut down on losing employees to the competition and also allows your employees to see that you care about their wellbeing. Generally, when employees know this then they will, in turn, provide the best quality of work that they can and also tend to be dedicated to the company for the long haul.
Next reason why emotional intelligence is so important is when is comes to customers, you need to be able to provide sympathy towards your customers if they are going through a rough patch or a tough time. For an example a gas station is doing a remodel at the store which makes them lose out on their normal sales volume the vendors that sell their product at that store need to understand that the problem is temporary, not permanent as things go it 's just a simple remodel then they gas station will be back to running to its full potential. A simple fix would be to adjust the supply to reflect the current sales since the establishment is not at it’s full operational status. By doing this you do not lose your customer or even make your customer upset with your company. Instead, this allows you to keep a long term upbeat customer.
Speculate on Consequences when to not use Emotional Intelligence
There are two simple reasons why leaders and managers should not use emotional intelligence that I can think of one would be when an employee is not being the

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