Emotional Intelligence And The Nurse Supervisor

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Leadership is a complex process by which a person sets direction and influences others to achieve their goals (Borkowski, 2015). It is the responsibility of the supervisor to set the direction by helping and motivating staff members to see what lies ahead and face those challenges. Emotional intelligence is one of the important traits that helps leaders work with people effectively. “Emotional intelligence involves assessing one’s own feelings, as well as feelings of others, then using those assessments to guide personal thought and action” (Borkowski, 2015, p. 239).

Firstly, the nurse supervisor demonstrated a lack of emotional intelligence. After the event that took place in the ICU, the nurse supervisor followed the correct procedures for documentation, verification, and investigation of the incident. But the way she dealt with the novice nurse was inappropriate. It is the responsibility of the leader to listen to the employee’s concerns intently, understand them and give constructive feedback (Borkowski, 2015). The nurse supervisor went to the nurse manager directly and informed the manager that Lawanda was the only person responsible for the medication error. She should have communicated with Lawanda first, and would have known the entire situation correctly before notifying the manager and accusing Lawanda. Also, the nurse supervisor showed a lack of self-regulation of her emotions. She verbally attacked Lawanda by blaming her for negligence and murder before the
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