Employee Comfort And Job Proportionality Raise Inevitable

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Employee comfort and job proportionality raise inevitable consequences to the society. Not only do extremely large case -loads affect the employees but also the intermediate victims that suffer the after effects. The vulnerability of children makes them highly susceptible to social work problems. Evidently, many solutions have been suggested to assist in the reduction of social work caseloads. Nonetheless, the success of such solutions is highly impeded by the inevitable challenges of capital and inadequate awareness. Promotion of programs that reduce social work caseloads relies on the joint cumulative efforts of society to adhere to effective work solutions. The pivotal role of governments in assisting in preventing and reducing case …show more content…

Yet, the demeaning reality is the constant increment in the consequences that children suffer as a result of huge workloads encountered by employees. Due to their vulnerability, children, especially suffer the inevitable consequences of such shortcomings in the access to quality social services and care. Arguably, children are rather the most vulnerable group in the society. As such, they encounter interactions with parents, teachers, leaders, and social service providers. Resultantly, they are prone to the stressful consequences encountered by the other parties at work. Despite significant efforts to curb the increasing challenges of work stress and disorder, the efforts are not worthwhile. As such, this literature review takes into account and analyzes different works and publications to answer the research question: What is the greatest impedance to reducing social work caseloads and how does that influence the outcome of children with whom they are providing services to? Further, the review offers a critical appraisal and critic of these sources of literature, suggesting possible recommendations as well. Literature Review Work Safety Over the past decades, organizations and institutions have geared their efforts towards developing different mechanisms that can ensure and protect the safety of their employees. Great specificity with regard to the challenges of

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