Employee Supervisor And Contracting Officer Essay

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Recently my team and I received a new supervisor. It was a surprise that our previous supervisor was leaving. The previous supervisor was my supervisor and my Contracting Officer; therefore, since she left, the new supervisor would be my new supervisor and my new Contracting Officer. I have had the same Contracting Officer for almost four years. I knew the transition to a new supervisor and Contracting Officer was going to be difficult. I have been a top performer the entire time I have worked at Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and I have always been very happy in my job. The recent change of supervisor and Contracting Officer has made me question if I am capable of doing my job anymore and can I ever be happy at doing my job again or should I put in for a transfer? From the start my supervisor questioned everything I did and then made me redo every purchase order and contract that I wrote. He did not like the way I wrote up my contracts or the way that I worked my workload, but I have always done it the same way and I have never had a problem. At first I thought it was because I was a woman and he was a man from Nepal. I assumed his culture did not like women as an equal in the workplace. I assumed this because that is what my co-workers said to me, but I should have done my own research. I assumed gender inequality was part of his culture, which left me feeling like I may never be able to get along with this guy. My perception was that his culture did not like women in

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