Employee Wellness And Corporate Wellness

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Whether it’s called Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellness, or Workplace Health, these types of programs have been on the rise. It’s uncertain who the first company was that started this type of initiative, but it is known the amount of companies offering these types of programs have been growing in numbers since 2010 since health insurance costs have been on the rise since the Affordable Care Act was passed five years ago. Fifteen years before the act was passed, a company called Johnson and Johnson implemented an employee wellness policy that was adapted so effectively, that the percentage of employees that smoked dropped by over two-thirds. (Berry, 2010) Employee wellness has been around for a while in smaller forms. The first thing that caught my eye when researching corporate wellness programs were all the companies and magazines directed toward this effort. You can call it Workplace Wellness, Corporate Wellness, or Workplace Health but whatever you call it, it’s pretty much the same thing. The workplace has some type of program set up to promote healthy lifestyle choices. It promotes healthy behavior and healthy outcomes. The programs offered can range from smoking cessation to full out wellness centers composed of gyms, exercise classes in addition to wellness coaching related to weight management, on-site fitness programs, health-related benefits, and mental well-being. Some workplaces offer incentives for being an active part of their health programs.
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