Empowerment and Leadership

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The definition of leadership is defined as much from what a person has experienced with previous leaders just as much as what they have been taught about leadership. There is a common school of thought that leadership and management are synonymous. I personally do not participant in that sentiment. I believe that leadership is not the same as management, because you can lead without having any management or positional power. The author John C. Maxwell defined a test of leadership from management this way, “To test whether a person could lead rather than manage is to ask him to create positive change.”
Leadership is promoting a positive experience and is not due to a position or rank. Leadership can be categorized by three traits. Those traits are; Empowerment, Discipline, and Character. The first trait, empowerment is one’s ability to create a positive change by helping others achieve their own great success. The second trait is discipline or consistency, which is defined as a leader’s ability to gain support from the dependability of their actions and motivations. The third trait of leadership is an individual’s character or professionalism. A leader needs to be professional in all of their interactions with others regardless of the other person’s position or rank.
Empowering & Helping Others / Building Relationships
There is a quote by Zig Ziglar that I think is a good mantra for…
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