Compare And Contrast The Methods Of Problem Solving

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Another method that can be used is the Conference method. The Conference method requires a larger group of people to be fully effective. When using this method the teacher/facilitator will start the discussion with a leading question and let the students take charge from there. Although the teacher will not completely be in charge he/she will still try to keep the discussion on track and controlled. The students will focus on a specific topic, and everyone should be engaging with their personnel experiences, ideas, and opinions. They should be defending their opinions and point out why they think what they think about the discussed topic. Although the Demonstration method taps into all five senses it could be best used for …show more content…

Problem Solving is another teaching method. It taps into the learners critical thinking skills and forces them to evaluate a situation before engaging it. This method is typically done by the teacher/instructor giving the student a complicated scenario that they would have to work through using their best judgment. The student should develop multiple courses of action and through a process of elimination go with the course of actions that presents the best results for the scenario. If done properly the students will develop their problem solving skills by learning how to identify possible problems within the outcome of their plan of actions. They should also be able to see where they failed so they know how to avoid the same mistakes when making real decisions in life. Another method that could be used is Role playing; it is a very unique way of engaging students. Although not used very often this method is pretty effective. If given the right scenario and rolls the learner would have to play, it’ll tap into multiple learning outcomes. It will make the learner think quickly to deal with a situation/problem they are playing out. Putting themselves into the situation and making them quickly think of how to handle the role will allow them to safely make wrong choices concerning how they behave or react to situations while playing the role. After the

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