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Table of Contents 1. Introduction - ImageCafe 2 2. Clarence Wooten’s Strengths and Weaknesses 2 3. Product versus Service-Oriented Focus 2 4. Feasibility Analysis 2 5. Capital Funding 3 6. Conclusion 3 7. Introduction – Roxanne Quimby 4 8. Idea versus Opportunity 4 9. Burt’s Bees Success Story 4 10. Relocation to North Carolina: The best solution? 5 11. Conclusion 5 12. Introduction – Globant 6 13. Globant Challenge 6 14. Strengths & Weaknesses 6 15. Industry Analysis 6 16. Competitors Analysis 7 17. Target Market 7 18. Globant Industry Segments 7 19. Conclusion 7 20. Introduction – Indulgence Spa Products 8 21. Family Business versus Family Enterprising 8 22. Indulgence Issues 8 23. Parent Company Concerns 8 24. Growth Strategies 9 25.…show more content…
Conclusion Was $10,000,00 valuation the cause for ImageCafe’s inability to secure further funding to continue the fight resulting in the financial uncertainty even though the product was on track? Introduction – Roxanne Quimby Roxanne is a young, enthusiast entrepreneur living at a subsistence level in the backwoods of Maine, whose creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit lead her to an opportunity and create a new business around bee’s wax products and derivatives, growing it into a multi-million dollar venture within a few years. With her company experiencing profitable growth, Roxanne faces a major issue of re-location to North Carolina and the offer of a significant strategic sale. Idea versus Opportunity Barringer & Ireland (2010: 66) defined opportunity as a favorable set of circumstances that creates a need for a new product, service or business. An idea is a thought, an impression or a notion or form part of an opportunity (Russell, 2003; Barringer & Ireland, 2010: 67). According to Russell (2003), an idea is of academic interest only when judge in isolation and is inert, until combined with the other factors to create an opportunity. Generating idea is the entrepreneur’s first step to realizing a favorable opportunity where an idea must interact with other components to create an opportunity, but many ideas need to be assessed till the right one is
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