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The smell of human excreta filled the room and sitting on the floor in front of me was an adult woman with playing with dolls and stuffed animals. I soon realized she was the origin of the odor as feces were smeared down the inside of her thighs. This was the first time I laid eyes on my client who for the purposes of this statement I will referee to as Anna. Although, I was slightly intimidated by her appearance, I approached her and introduced myself. I helped Anna to her feet and began her morning routine. I bathed her, dressed her and brushed her teeth and fed her breakfast. I dropped her off at an adult day care. I thought about Anna all day. I thought how difficult it must be for her parents to take care of her and how embarrassed …show more content…

Additionally, I construct provisions to create an inclusive living environment by considering of students with special accommodations. Lastly, I provide services for students with intellectual disabilities and promote their safety and independence on a college campus in partnership with the Beyond Academics Program. While attending the University of South Florida’s College of Public Health graduate program, I anticipate furthering my educational interests by perusing a masters in Public health with a concentration in Public Health Education. I am interested in assisting in the development of health programs designed to assist and improve the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. USF College of Public Health is passionate about using an interdisciplinary approach to solve global and local health concerns and to provide everyone with the right to health and well-being. This passion and motivation align strongly with my own beliefs and goals. The programs faculty strive to facilitate and provide academic structure resulting in qualified and educated students. This combination will provide the strong background I desire in order to shape my future research interest. My unique academic and life experiences allow me to

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