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1. Introduction
Our team’s project topic is Bank Marketing. We found the dataset from UCI Machine Learning Repository
The data was collected by Paulo Cortez and Sérgio Moro from the direct marketing campaigns of a Portuguese banking institution from 2008 to 2010. The dataset contains 45211 instances and 17 attributes. The direct marketing campaign targets at a specific group of clients and thus to enhance the efficiency. This project proposal is to predict whether the client will subscribe the bank term deposit, so that the bank can make less contacts and improve the rate of success, to improve further profit during the campaign. In addition, we will further analyze to find what …show more content…

At the same time, one of our members dropped this course, disrupting our original arrangements and plans. Therefore, we have to repeat the work already done and increase the workload. Secondly, when we assign the tasks, we all choose our own tasks based on what we are good at. But in this case, the task is difficult to delegate evenly, and some members will have heavy tasks. At the same time, we cannot practice all tasks and improve the deficiencies.

4. Solutions:
For myself, I have found a fixed group meeting time to discuss our own ideas together, so that I can summary and make decisions in time, thereby increasing work efficiency. For another challenge about the unbalanced dataset, we have discussed this problem. With the help of other team member, I am trying to compare Linear Model, Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree and Random Forest to find out more suitable models for unbalanced data.

For my team, now we have a dedicated member to keep track of team members’ progress in time. If anyone encountered problems, we will discuss and find solutions together, thereby reducing the duplication of tasks. In addition, we try to assign one skilled member and another unskilled member to work on the same task together, so that everyone can practice our own deficiencies and complete the task better. I think our efforts have been successful, because

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