Essay On Free Community College

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In Panoliopolis, only 52 percent of citizens graduate college with a Bachelor's degree or higher. Our literacy rate is just 91%, and many people with lower educations, and in turn lower incomes have resorted to theft, leaving our city with a distressing crime rate of 38%. Most fortunately there is a way to downsize these problems. The Free community College which we have proposed can simultaneously work to improve all of these statistics through its attempt at assisting our community in secondary education. One of the greatest hindrances in the education of our citizens is the low average income of just $47,400. Many people simply cannot afford a college. Our school hopes to fix this problem through our free acceptance of successful and determined…show more content…
According to a study conducted by The University of Berkeley, with each additional year of education after high school, the chance of a white male facing incarceration decreases by 0.10%, while it decreases by 0.35% for black males. This may seem like a relatively small statistic, but for context, if the overall US college graduation rate was raised by just 1%, then our criminal justice system could save as much as 1.4 billion dollars on a yearly basis. That’s an overall savings of about $2,100 per additional graduate. Really, our college works to better educate our people, reducing our overall crime rate by directing our students to a successful and fulfilling career. In fact, it has been statistically proven that those who receive an associates degree in college have a significantly higher average income($50,000) than that of the national average($32,000). With a Bachelor's degree, that average income jumps to nearly $70,000, proving the definite benefits of a higher education. Through the creation of this free college, we not only work against the unidealistic situation of Panoliopolis, but we give back to the community and save an extra expense for our already strained taxpayers in the long
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