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Get Vaccinated Early for the Flu
Although very similar to a common cold, the flu is by far worse. In the United States, over 36,000 people die from complications of the flu, and over 200,000 people are hospitalized. To reduce their chances of overcoming or avoiding the viral infection altogether, people should visit their local urgent care clinic in Lafayette Hill to get vaccinated for the flu early.
The Benefits of Getting Vaccinated Early
Experts say that it takes approximately two weeks for the vaccine for the flu to take effect in a person’s system. The earlier a person gets the vaccine, the more likely their body will be to fight against the contagion. The flu season officially starts in October; therefore, people should contact and schedule an appointment to get their flu shots in late September.
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As a result, many places will run out of stock. Instead of waiting until the last minute, people can increase their chances of getting through this flu season by getting the vaccination they need earlier in the season.
Who Should Get Vaccinated Early
Even though the flu threatens everyone, there are people who are at an increased risk of being severely sickened by the flu. These populations of people include children, the elderly, women who are pregnant, people with other chronic illnesses, and people who have a compromised immune system. These people are at higher risks for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they may not be able to overcome the symptoms associated with the flu.
The flu is a common viral infection that continues to threaten many people throughout the United States. Everyone should get vaccinated against the viral infection as early as possible to increase their chances of overcoming the infection.
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