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The Lincoln Circle Center was the place where I performed my internship hours. My mentor Cecelia Pace made my experience feel great and at the same time I learned very much with her assistance. Together Cecelia and I set learning goals and planned learning experiences by integrating knowledge of each child’s temperament, interest, gender, culture, and learning approaches. At Lincoln Circle Center I did learn how to support children’s development by integrating learning experiences related to all domains through the curriculum and their environment. Furthermore, with the help of my mentor teacher, I developed and planned creative and innovative lessons plan according to the interest and ability of the students. Also, with the help from my mentor, I learned effective strategies that helped me learn how to teach according to the …show more content…

During my internship, I planned to provide an atmosphere of respect and trust this goal was achieved satisfactorily. During my practice and with the support of my mentor I became a role model for the Spanish speaking families. As for the English speaking families, I did my best to establish a good communication with the parents during drop off and pick up times. The main thing I learned during my practicum experience was to get to know about the different patterns of behavior in children. Besides, the many different ways of discipline that can be applied. I also learned to act like a consultant that provided children the opportunity to think through their own problems and by offering children choices.
The facts I enjoyed the most during the course of this semester: first, the six lessons plans along with all the activities based with the children’s interest and needs. Second, the implementation of the writing center, that helped children to develop skills in writing like for instance

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