Essay On Moving Up Report

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Objective: Analyze areas of improvement, support educational initiatives, and assist with "Moving Up" program objectives

Status: Complete

I continue to give updates on the “Moving Up” report and help leadership with any questions related to this report. The report is highly successful and is a great tool for leadership, Patient Experience consultants, and the participants of the program. This report will be vital towards leaderships of the department and the participants to monitor their improvement. Working with the Patient Experience department, the participants have action plans that will hopefully help their respective areas see improvement in their satisfaction scores.

Objective: Assist with the design, development, and
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Objective: Increase team morale within department by assisting the Office Improvement Committee

Status: Complete.

The prospective budget was very successful! The prospective budget and interior project was so successful that we were given a limitless budget. Through the conservative budget I prepared and the ideas that we had to improve the office space, we gained the trust of the SVP. I am learning that gaining trust is difficult, but vital for the culture change. Currently, within our department, we are reading through the book “Culture that Rocks.” The book is engaging and encourages teammates being vulnerable with one another. Going through this reading as a department and the fresh office makeover will hopefully develop a departmental culture “that rocks”.

Objective: Participate in the Project Sodexo meetings, observe the Food and Nutrition Departments, and prepare a report of all participating observers notes

Status: Complete

As before mentioned, to say "thank you" to the Food and Nutrition department at CHS-Northeast, 8 other employees and I made 100 treat bags in less than 30 minutes. The treat bag was later delivered and the staff in the Food and Nutrition department were very appreciative! Through this project, I have learned that employees love being recognized even if the token in small. This
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