It Department Director Trainer Interview

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IT Department Director/Trainer Interview
I selected John Lajeunesse an IT programmer / director / trainer with over 30 years of experience of which ten have been spent at the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH). If I took away one fact from the interview with John, was that he is incessantly seeking innovative and creative approaches to compel individuals to learn. Clearly, budgetary constraints, employee time, and the lack of fundamental knowledge are elements that make training programs so difficult to be successful
After researching online the typical job description of a chief learning officer (CLO), I asked John how he performs the duties I discovered. According to John, it is the responsibility of the CLO to formulate and guide all facets of an organization 's learning strategies, goals, and initiatives. In many ways, the CLO is traditionally accountable for operational responsibility. As such, the CLO imparts expenditure and risk management. OMH relies on John’s enterprise vision.
John explained that his position entails four main responsibilities. First, is developing and governing OMH’s education, training, and development programs that promote the organizational knowledge. Secondly, is ensuring employee acceptance and embracing of modern tools and business processes via researching and assessing them in the perspective of their applicability to the agency. Thirdly, advocating the learning programs of assorted organizational training and…
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