Essay On Stoichiometry

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To perform a reaction and analyze the results using stoichiometry.
Materials & Safety:
• 3M Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) • Centigram Balance
• Aluminum Foil • Weigh Boat
• 100 mL Beaker • 50 mL Graduated Cylinder
• Safety Googles • Apron
Step 1: Put on safety googles and apron.
Step 2: Obtain approximately .25 grams of Aluminum Foil and make observations of the foil. Record the exact mass in your data table.
Step 3: Obtain 50.0 mL of 3 M HCl using a graduated cylinder and pour it into your 100 mL beaker. Make observations of the acid. Zero out the mass of a weigh boat and then record the exact mass of the beaker with the solution in it in your data table.
Step 4: Tear the aluminum foil into tiny pieces and place it on the weigh boat WITH the beaker. BUT NOT IN ACID. Record the mass of the beaker with the solution and the pieces of aluminum foil. (If this doesn’t match
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All of our observations and calculations reflected in our results. Our theoretical yield was 101.68g and our actual yield was 94.22g. This would make our percent yield 92.66%. Our procedure was to observe and measure the mass of the Aluminum strip was obtained, then measure out 50 mL of HCl and record the mass, next put the strips of aluminum into the weigh boat and record the mass of the aluminum and the acid together, then you place the aluminum into the acid and make observations, when the aluminum is completely dissolved, record the mass of the solution. We believe that our results are not very good because they are not accurate due to the fact that we let the solution sit for two days causing some of it to evaporate. Next time we would measure the final mass right after the aluminum completely dissolves. This lab relates to what we learned in class because it proves that stoichiometry is realistic and can be used to make the correct ratios for chemical
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