Essay On Student Stress

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College students are stressed all the time, so much that it has become a daily emotion in their academic career. College students stress increases when we go away to college because we have a lot of freedom that we never had before. Some students have been so dependent on their parents for so long that when it comes to daily task they are at so confused on how to properly complete it. In college we experience academic, financial, family, social, and family stress. Stress is a normal human behavior but it can physically and mentally harm us. To deal with stress one has to find ways to cope in order to decrease their stress level. Ideal coping mechanisms for a college student is counseling, communication , and relaxation techniques instead of leisure activities. As we go through the transition of becoming college students we become vulnerable to stress because we are trying to find ourself, keep up with our academics, have a social life and adjust to a new life. It becomes so much for a college student that they easily become stressed. Even if students are physiologically stressed they don't seek counseling, however others try to look for counseling because it gives social support and interpersonal coping techniques that a college student can seek.In the article College Student Stress and Mental Health: Examination of Stigmatic Views on Mental health Counseling Stated “ This study suggested a need to increase students' use of mental health counseling services. Many students
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