Ethical Obligation

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THE CONCEPT OF ETHICAL OBLIGATION Name Institution Instructor Course Date The concept of ethical obligation Ethical obligations are rules and laws by which people are expected to live and adhere to in order to undertake a profession. Most professionals as George tenet belonged to professional organisations which, among other things, are able to discipline people for interfering in the ethical obligations and suspend or expel them from practice if the interference is serious enough. Identify four cross-coded ethical dilemmas facing former CIA Director George Tenet and assess their impact on his leadership abilities. There were many ethical dilemmas experienced by the former CIA Director George Tenet, among which…show more content…
These strategies were often used to ensure that all the corporate undertakings were legal, ethical, and that they complied with all the approved regulatory guidelines and policies. Ethical strategies and plans are used to provide directions to ensure that developments are been undertaken both for individual and organizational outlook which are designed to be accomplished through the ethics programs and training of employees. Ethics strategies are also used as a means for overseeing and policing organizational undertaking, as taking this approach helps reduce both the rate of legal and ethical violations. And in situations where ethical programs are not in place, individual board members are held responsible for ethical lapses. Communication is another strategy that is used to assist in building a sustainable and ethical culture, and this method includes communicating behavioural expectations, training on compliance issues, expectations and resolution of already existing situations. Use of this method enhances compliance, and prevents both abuse and fraud, while adding to the organizations value and effectiveness. The statement of values strategy, which provides assistance in the communication and creation of organizations values, it also provides the needed guidance to the individuals within the agency. Furthermore, the use of the code of ethics underlines the importance of commitment to
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