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In the business world these days, we must take into consideration many factors in becoming successful individually and as a team. One major important factor I’ll be talking about is how ethics influence leadership. How I value the importance of having good ethics, my leadership experiences in life, and how I will apply these values in my future career. Today we live in such a diverse environment, which means we are surrounded by a lot of different culture, ethnicity, and religion. To become a successful leader you must learn to deal with the differences, one could possess and practice a code of ethics which should include valuable guidelines of principles. Knowing wrong from right; basically sums up what ethic is really all about. …show more content…
I later on called and apologize for the mistake on Michael’s behalf, and the young lady returned and received the loan. This is an example of being prejudice and nonetheless unethical. As a leader in my industry, I have the duty to practice what I preach, and to influence the people around to act in the same ethical way. According to the National Defense University in, Strategic Leadership and Decision Making "Values are what we, as a profession, judge to be right." Individually or organizationally, values determine what is right and what is wrong, and doing what is right or wrong is what we mean by ethics. To behave ethically is to behave in a manner consistent with what is right or moral. (p. 15) My personal moral value has definitely made me who I am today. The practice of treating others the way you would like to be treated is one code I live by. Also having principles to live by from day-to-day is quite valuable in all aspect of life, whether it’s in a work or out of work environment. Understanding the importance of having ethical values is the big picture, and I believe it says everything about an individual. Trust is everything between relationships, and if you have good ethics then you’re probably an honest person, which inevitably make others trust you to some standards, and this is very

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