Evaluation Of A Counseling Session

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When conducting this counseling session I decided to conduct my session as if it were an initial interview session. So with that being said my client who likes to go by the name of Jay is a 24-year old African American women who was raised by her two adoptive parents and grew up with her blood brother as well. Jay’s mother passed away from cancer when Jay was 17-years old and that is when her relationship with her father began to diminish. Jay also did not have a strong connection with her blood brother either. When Jay turned 18 she moved out of her father’s house and has thus lived in 8 to 9 different homes between the age of 18 to 24. Jay stated that because she is adopted she does not distinguish between actual blood ties as being family and thus has very strong connection to her friends who she refers to as sisters. Over the past years Jay has begun to reconnect with her father and brother as she has grown. Jay has decided to come to counseling because she does not get along with most of her co-workers at her job as a teacher assistant for a daycare. More so, she is finding out that most of her co-workers do not like her. Because of this she has reported feeling angry, anxious, sadness and isolated when at work. A goal for her in counseling is to interact positively with her co-workers and work where she does not hate her job. Jay does not want to look for new employment because she states that her co-workers are aware of her mood swings and personality. The thought of
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