Evaluation Of A Mixed Methodology

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According to Creswell (1994), the benefit of a mixed methodology provides triangulation of the results which adds more breadth and scope to a study. The mixed method approach allowed for a deeper look at how students actually communicated mathematical thinking with the use of journals. Also, since the teacher is the researcher, it allowed the researcher to gain more insight into the students’ thought processes and analyze the information in a more in depth manner (Kostos & Shin 2010). Action research relates to a local setting, which this project clearly represented, taking place in second grade class room in a Chicago suburb.
The quantitative data was represented by pre- and post-assessment scores from a standard type state …show more content…

All questions required the students to explain why or why not they gave a particular answer.
The last phase was that the teacher-researcher maintained a reflective journal which they used for recording information, observations, and conversations on days where there were mini-lessons and when students wrote in their journals

C1. Appropriateness of Data Collection Methods
The data collection methods used are deemed appropriate for this action research project utilizing mixed methods. The qualitative data collected, student interviews and teacher-researcher reflective journal entries provided sufficient information for a comprehensive and clear analysis of good quality. It provided support as to what the researcher had set out to accomplish in the study, which was to show how math journals enhance second graders’ communication of mathematical thinking. The same can be inferred from the quantitative data collection, in which pre- and post-assessment scores were collected from pre- and post-instruction, to show learning progression by using math journals. These collection methods are appropriate for this study, and continue to align with problem and statement of purpose.

D. Data Analysis Techniques
The data analysis techniques employed for the study

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