Every Woman 's Body Is Different And Every Women Experiences

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Every woman’s body is different and every women experiences birth differently. Most women have a plan as to how they want to bring their child/children into this world, and others, aren’t so lucky. For some women, they’re given the choice to have a natural child birth, which is done without pain medication. For others, they’re also given the choice to receive an epidural while having a vaginal birth or to have a C-section which requires an epidural. With all the possibilities that come with child birth, very few are given no choice at all how they bring life into this world. Instead of a joy filled celebration at the end of the day, in some cases, families experience difficulties and sometimes the outcome results in death. On October 27th, 2014, I decided to settle my craving for salt which turned out to be a terrible idea after all. During this time, I was facing serious health issues so if anything went wrong while I was giving birth, it would be my fault. I was given clear orders from the midwife to restrain myself from any sugary beverages and salt. Being pregnant, women tend to get the craziest cravings for food, but mine in particular were for salt 50% of the time. Obviously, I couldn’t resist and thought to myself, “one bag of chips wouldn’t hurt.” The next day, October 38th, 2014, around midnight, I was awakened by severe back pain. Throughout the night I would wake up to terrible contractions. My boyfriend called my mother to inform her about our situation, she

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