Examples Of ERP Implementation Plan

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Implementation Plan After assessing each ERP option, it is recommended that VINSUN introduces ERP on cloud solution from Codeautomations as their information management system. This solution has great potential benefits that can be brought to VINSUN. In order for the solution to function to their best performance, there are areas that need to be considered deliberately. Since VINSUN has not adopted any ERP system before, the company needs to be particularly careful about their implementation plan. A project team should be formed specifically that includes IT experts and representatives from different departments, aiming to build a closer connection between developers and users. The goal of adopting the ERP solution, that is focusing…show more content…
Promoting engagement, taking employees’ opinions into account and revising the plans to better meet their wants will help to overcome their dislikes and develop satisfaction towards the new changes. Moreover, it is also crucial to recognize that VINSUN is expected to double their employees’ base within the next 3 years. Regarding this issue, the IT team should keep track of the company’s expansion progress and the technological capability to provide subsequent support. It is necessary to build a strong communication channel between the IT team and all the other departments so that any need or problem arose in the future with the ERP solution can be addressed promptly. IT Governance IT Governance plays a critical role in aligning the new ERP system with VINSUN’s objectives. The main mission of the IT team is to provide technical support to the company. This can be achieved by having a clear assignment of responsibilities and authorities to each role in the team. Since VINSUN is adopting an ERP on cloud solution, a person should be assigned to communicate with Codeautomations, for instance, in acquiring technical, troubleshooting and maintenance support, given that Codeautomations having control over the general operation. Apart from this, VINSUN should also set up detailed standards and guidelines on the use of the new ERP solutions, such as the backup policies, providing instructions to employees on storing their
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