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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The case on Chiba International Inc. deals with the challenges faced by a Japanese company¶s manufacturing plant set up in rural Georgia to adapt the philosophy of the company to its American workforce and culture. Ken Morikawa, the general manager for administration and John Sinclair, the American personnel head of the company are determined to find out how Chiba International, another Japanese company based in California, has successfully translated its corporate philosophy into action that has led to considerably good profits for the company. Ken, having had extensive experience in the field of personnel management is perplexed about John¶s desire to translate the company¶s Japanese philosophy to suit the American …show more content…
is in sharp contrast with the Japanese collectivist nature of working in a group for the company as a whole. The individualistic nature of the Americans also leads to power conflicts among themselves. This is because, when additional responsibilities are given to them, they view it as an extension of their individual sovereignties (because of their thirst for personal achievements and accomplishments) and this leads to power conflicts in the case of overlapping sovereign areas. The Japanese being extremely high on the dimension of ³masculinity´, the job culture is often in contradiction to the American workers who lay equal emphasis to personal life as to professional, and their work life balance is imbalanced. The excessive importance given to dedication and devotion to work can create work stress for the Americans who put ³personal and family happiness first´. This is also evident in their recruitment philosophy: It is the ability, performance and attitude of an individual which is measured in an interview, rather than assigning a pseudo ± status to one owing to the prestige of his degree. This often leads to a communication gap between the Japanese and the Americans, which is literally evident in the meetings and discussions which happen at late hours when the Americans have retired for the day, among the Japanese in their language. Needless to say, this created apprehension in the minds of the Americans but the management tries to rectify the issue by

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