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Apple (Computer) Inc. Whither the MAC? | Case Study Analysis | Strategic Analysis in terms of Capabilities Analysis & Five Force Model | Submitted by : Muhammad Saad Dasti Section B | 1. Prepare a Five Forces Analysis of the personal computer industry. (Think of your traditional Windows based PC.) How attractive is this industry? In order to properly identify and evaluate competitive position of personal computer , competitive analaysis model has been created to fully depict the position of display systems according to current scenario * The personal computer industry is somewhat vulnerable…show more content…
If a firm is following a high quality strategy then it can be expected that their prices will generally be higher to reflect the higher prices they are paying their suppliers. For example, the operating system in Apple’s Mac Book Pro, known as the OS X, is considered to be one of the best in the industry and their prices reflect this. In terms of service suppliers, the service that can be offered within the personal PC industry include internet, tech support and repair services. These suppliers focus highly on operational performance and relational performance in order to increase customer satisfaction. They also offer a variety of customer loyalty programs in attempts to lock in and expand their customer base while trying to gain the competitive edge over competitors within the service industry of personal computers. * The threat of new entrants in the personal computer industry is very weak. Currently the market is dominated by five major competitors which have nearly all of the market share, this will likely discourage any potential new companies from entering the market. A huge barrier to entry is also that the market requires significant investments to be made in research and development to continually develop innovative products as well as large fixed start-up costs for manufacturing and
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