Explain How Jabcon Builders Can Help You To Improve As A Person

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Jabcon Builders help me to improve as a person, I learned to face different people in a professional way. Talking to my colleagues in mature and broad conversations. Communication Skills, they teach us how to speak on client, like sending proper emails in each every client, meet up for the engineer. These experience give me more confident to social with other person and how to speak with them. My training become a way to be exposed in our so called “real world” handling different problems on site, conflicts in my co trainee and other officers, pressure in terms of schedule deadline and time management. Those are the things that help me boost my ability and patience in different aspects. One of the biggest challenge that I encountered is the deadline of paper works, it cause too much pressure in my…show more content…
I learned that reasons and excuses are not allowed when it comes to work you have to handle everything in a professional, intelligence and with full maturity. All the obstacles and various situation that I encounter help me to become more responsible, time pressure, handle critical thinking and be wise in making decisions.
I’m very thankful and grateful to my supervisors for additional knowledge, techniques and ideas that I could use in my study and in the future. I’m also thankful to the foreman and construction workers to help me and teach me the flow, vernacular terms, and other things that cannot be learn in textbooks. Those runners and assistant of officers in site for lending us hand, buying and preparing food and materials for us, for assisting and guiding us every time where conducting our rounds and inspection. I will never forget the experience, challenges and learning that I got from my on the job
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