Explain The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy And Safe Sporting Environment

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Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Sporting Environment
In order to keep a sporting place such as a leisure centre safe, many providers look into, staff training and development, risk assessment and also emergency procedure protocols. These are in place to help to keep a healthy and safe sporting environment and reduce the risks as much as possible.
Staff Training & Development:
Staff training is when you train to improve the performance or knowledge of the employees or workforce or a company.
Staff training is done to make sure that health and safety in the workplace is effective and that there are as many risks reduced or removed as possible risks. This also involves training in emergency situations so that injuries are prevented and staff …show more content…

These would then be considered and evaluated to decide whether to take part in the activity/task.
For example, if you were going to organise a football match on the astro outside the leisure centre then you would need to check for any risks that could possibly happen during the match. So as an example you would need to check the surface, to see if there are any objects/litter that could harm or trip someone. Also one more example, you could check your footwear so that you aren’t wearing studs that are dangerous.
They outline issues that can harm individuals and then find ways to resolve them. It helps protect players/athletes from the chance of injury during sports. In some sports/situations such as Rugby will need longer and more detailed risk assessments because there is a higher chance of injury. They reduce common risks that are harmful to people as well as educating others of the risks involved. This allows them to understand various situations and what risks are involved. Risk assessments can disrupt the enjoyment of activities due to it being too dangerous. This can lead to people not participating in the sport because it is no longer enjoyable. The main advantages of doing a risk assessment is that you reduce the likelihood of possible risks, you become aware of the possible risks and also you can have a plan of what to do if the risk occurs, however a risk assessment never actually completely removes the chance of a risk, there will

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