Exploring Strategies for Teaching Essay

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Teaching is a strategizing act of service. It aids students in understanding the mysteries of certain subjects and shapes their mindsets on how they will apply the knowledge he or she acquire about the subject. However, in order to do this act, the teacher will have to have an idea about teaching and learning and apply it in his or her instruction. Conversely, instruction of information should be done in a manner that the student can explicate the information that the teacher is elucidating. This instruction will require objectives for the student and strategies to execute those objectives. The concept and skill that I would instruct would be counseling theories. Counseling theories are knowledge and skills that enhances the counselor to …show more content…

Moreover, these strategies are consistent with my personal philosophy and style of teaching. The first strategy I would use would be lecturing student about the philosophical aspect of the theory. The class would partake in group discussions concerning this part of the theory that was discussed in the lecture. According to Gose (2009), I would use either the “Playing the Devil’s Advocate” strategy or the “Look for the Contradiction” strategy in the group discussion to assess how well the student understands the philosophical aspects of the theory. Moreover, this would help me to see if the student understood what I was lecturing. Another strategy that I would utilize is the Socrates questioning. Griffith and Frieden (2000) noted that teachers could promote reflective thinking through Socrates questioning. I believe that reflective thinking would stimulate the student to think critically about the implications of applying certain counseling theories. Furthermore, I would use role plays as a strategy to stimulate critical thinking and reflective thinking. I believe that students should interact with one another to exchange ideas and points of views concerning the subject. This would aid them in thinking critically about the subject and also help them to get a better understanding of the subject material. Yang, Newby, and Bill (2005) noted that Socrates questioning induce critical thinking skills

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