External Factors Of Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors has the necessary advantage to maintain its business success in the next few years. However, as determined by the SWOT analysis, the company must deal with various issues to maintain its competitiveness and increase profitability. Tesla must improve its international influence. For example, new facilities and sales in high developing countries can boost business growth and meet Tesla's mission and vision. In addition, the company must continue to invest in R & D, and continue to innovate and produce technologically advanced products. The SWOT analysis shows that, despite the fierce competition in the global automotive market, Tesla may have enormous potential in the global automotive market. Also, the external factors affect the …show more content…

Therefore, in developing countries through careful planning and assessing risks in these countries to use the Tesla batteries and products. 5. Environmental Factor Tesla Motors has the opportunity to promote electric vehicles in the context of climate change concerns, expanding environmental programs and rising waste disposal standards. For example, the company's electric vehicles are considered suitable for directly addressing these external factors related to business sustainability and environmental protection products. What's more, Tesla is developing a battery pack that will work with solar panels to help make use of the sun's abundant energy. It makes Tesla more than greener. 6. Legal Factor The government is supporting the UN green initiative and is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and set targets to achieve a certain of CO2 emissions level, which requires an environmentally friendly means of transportation. According to the government draw up different laws are enacted to support the public in using electric vehicles. For example, tax cuts and free parking. This will attract people to buy electric cars and raise their awareness of environmental protection. These laws also determine the need for electric cars in the market, such as Tesla electric cars. As a result, Tesla's business has increased. On the contrary, Tesla has the opportunity to sell by direct selling, and many US states are allowed. However, considering that other government agencies do not allow direct sales, Tesla needs to be traded with vendors and

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