Factors Affecting The Spray Drying Process

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Factors affecting the spray drying process: Role of solvent system: The solvent system needs to solubilize the ingredients to be sprayed and the system should be feasible for the process of spray drying. Because selection of solvent system could affect the phenomenon of precipitation of the ingredients from solvent and the physical and chemical characteristics and process of formation of the solid dispersion plays a critical role in the drug release pattern from the formulation. The kind of interaction that is between the ingredients in the solvent system and the way of changes or the kind of bonds they have to overcome during precipitation will largely affect the quality of the final product. The major criteria for selecting a solvent…show more content…
Guy II a) Lower evaporation K, means lower Pei inhibits the droplet to change into a dry state which will form resulting in lesser void spaces and denser particle formation b)Faster evaporation higher Pei could be the case with solvent systems with solvents with lower B.P/ in which the solutes have low solubility. This process requires lower amount of thermal energy to complete the process and solidification point is achieved faster which leads to solidification of solute on the surface of droplet causes higher void space and lesser bulk density c)At a constant evaporation the diffusional movement for a compound with high diffusion coefficient (lower Pei) tends to follow the shrinkage of the droplet and thus it will be uniformly distributed as it adjusts its path along with shrinking droplet. This adjustment of the path leads to homogenous distribution of the compound in dried particle sphere. d)At a constant evaporation the lower
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