Factors Of Organic Pollution Through The Palmer Index Scoring Method

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Introduction Certain algal genera can be used to determine organic pollution through the Palmer index scoring method. There are specific genera that when found in a sample of water could indicate a potential problem with pollution. The genera on the list of indicator organisms are chosen for their affinity for hypereutrophic and even anoxic environments such as polluted waters (Blanco et al, 2008). There are 20 pollution tolerant genera that were assigned a number between one and five, and based on their presence of greater than 50 cells per milliliter contributes to the pollution score (Mahnken & Wilhm, 1982). A Palmer index of less than 15 indicates little to no pollution, 15 – 19 indicates a probability of high organic pollution, and 20 or greater indicates evidence of high organic pollution (Mahnken & Wilhm, 1982). I want to see if the Galveston Ship Channel has more pollution than the mystery sample. My objective is to determine which site has more pollution using algal genus pollution index, Palmer index.
Materials and Methods I collected water from the Galveston Ship Channel as seen in figure 1. The water parameters salinity: 18 ppm, temperature: 13.3°C, dissolved oxygen: 12.5, and turbidity: 0.5m. I did a 25m transect in this location to collect water to bring back to the lab. Figure 1. Water collection site at Texas A&M University at Galveston in the Galveston Ship Channel courtesy of Google earth.
The other water sample was from 29.778016N,

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