Family Psychology : Are A Proper Tool Be Used

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In family psychology genograms are a proper tool be used. Using a genogram can help figure out patterns that have occurred in a family with the future, present, and the past. Therapist and clinicians uses the genograms for many reasons. According to Butler (2008), “As a method to track and monitor family pat-terns, the genogram clarifies information about the family in a broader context” (p.175). Genograms help an individual and families have visual picture of healthy and unhealthy patterns that run in the family. When preparing my own genogram it was a difficult process to gain information on both sides of my family. I started with the basic information starting with my parents and siblings. Then when I started to expand out to the extending family it was tough due to I didn’t know much about my grandparent on both sides. To get detail information I had to ask my cousin from my father side and my aunt on my mother side. I didn’t get all the information I needed but when going through the genogram I learned that names were used over and over such as John and William on my father side. I also learned something that was fascinating to me, which was my father mother name was Ruby Belle Loving and my mother mother’s name was Ruby Belle Luttrell. This is how I got my middle name and I am very thankful that my first name didn’t turn out to be Ruby. When looking through my family genogram I can right away identify a pattern to predispositions to genetics of health issues.
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