Fast Food Case Study

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Background Fast food restaurant has expanded more than ever before. According to MPR News, fast food restaurant sales make up over 50 percent of restaurant sales in France. France is known to be the second-largest fast food consumer after the United States (Amy Guttman, 2013). Burger King has reentered the French market after closing down 39 stores 16 years ago (Amy Guttman, 2013). Not only has the number of fast food locations have increased but the numbers of French cafes have dropped sufficiently by nearly 84 percent since the World War II (Amy Guttman, 2013). Fast food restaurant has also grown due to the lunch hour time collapsing from 80 minutes to about 22 minutes, making them much more convenient than traditional restaurants (Amy Guttman, 2013). Fast food restaurants such as Panda Express have grown from a small local restaurant in 1983 of Glendale, California to a global multi-billion dollar fast food chain. Creator of the famous Orange Chicken, Panda Express has continued to serve tasty and quality foods. Expanding in the United States, Panda Express has now reached international location such as Medico, South Korea and Dubai (Vanessa Hua, 2015). As a family owned business of over 1,800 stores (Vanessa Hua, 2015), Andrea Cherng, daughter of founder Andrew and Peggy Cherng, has joined the family business in the global expansion to other countries such as France.

Discuss key concerns about being successful in the country. A key concern that Panda Express
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